Dance classes for children ages 2-18

In each weekly dance class, students learn age appropriate technique in hip hop, tap and ballet. Students practice muscle strengthening moves and learn choreographed routines. Classes move at the students’ required pace and are both educational and fun! More advanced classes learn lyrical ballet, pointe, jazz and contemporary. Dance classes not only concentrate on the physical aspects of dance but also on the mental and social aspects (following directions, taking turns, forming a line, working within a group, sharing equipment and space). Children begin to accomplish their own goals within the structure of the class while developing a sense of athletic achievement, self-esteem, and social skills that will last a lifetime.

Acrobatics classes for children ages 6-18

Acrobatics classes emphasize flexibility, strength and balance. Students learn classic tricks like walkovers, handsprings, rolls, leaps and aerials. This class provides a foundation in the basics of physical movement using gross motor skills such as rolling, jumping and climbing as well as balance, flexibility and coordination. Acrobatics classes are also great for current and hopeful cheerleaders who need tumbling skills. SDA is pleased to offer acrobatics classes for beginners and for advanced levels.